OsmoGUARD™ protect microbes against osmotic and environmental stress and allows microbes to attach better to—and stay on—plant surfaces, while nutrients in OsmoGUARD™ provides a primary boost for the microorganism immediately after application of the product.


  • Protection against osmotic and environmental stress.
  • Sustain the bacteria with nourishment from inoculation to germination.
  • Sticks the bacteria to the seed surface, keeping the bacteria close to the emerging roots, enabling immediately colonisation of the roots and rhizosphere.
  • For rhizobium inoculants, supply initial molybdenum with inoculation to kick start early active nitrogen fixation before molybdenum is applied. *
    *Application of molybdenum is still required for sustained effective nitrogen fixation.


Microorganisms in some biological products, such as biofertilizers and legume inoculants, are sensitive to abiotic stresses (e.g., osmotic stress, salt stress, pH extremes, etc.).  When these bacteria are applied under unfavourable conditions, the bacteria are unable to perform their intended function such as e.g., solubilising nutrients or producing nodules.

OsmoGUARD™ was designed and developed to protect microorganism in biological products from environmental extremes.  OsmoGUARD™ protects bacteria from drying and toxic chemicals in the soil, improving their function.  OsmoGUARD™ supplies the bacteria with nutrients to survive on, while the seeds germinate. Increasing the chances of survival of these bacteria leads to improved effectiveness of biological products.  OsmoGUARD™ further serves to stick the bacteria to the seed’s surface when used in a seed application, keeping the bacteria close to the germinating seeds, and allowing for a longer window for sowing.


Agricultural adjuvant




  • Seed treatment
  • Fertigation


  • Fruit trees and vines
  • Vegetables
  • Grain and Field crops
  • Tree nuts
  • Turf and grass