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Innovation, scale, and quality is what define us

Victus Bio (Pty) Ltd is an innovative technology company that develops and produces biological products for agriculture. We utilize resources of both science and nature to assist you in restoring your farms potential and optimizing crop potential.

About Us

Technology, scale, and quality is what define us

Technology, scale, and quality differentiates us from other role-players in South Africa.  Victus Bio focuses on the marketing and manufacturing of a broad range of well researched and commercially proven biological and microbial products for agriculture. Our state-of-the-art facilities enables us to produce world class products at competitive local prices.

Internationally researched and proved organisms

Affordable biological agricultural products

Locally manufactured

Extensive trials
Generic company
Continuous R&D

High Quality

Trialed and tested performance

Research and Development

Extensive research and commercial trials are done before a product is released for use.

Our SoluPHOS product, a potent biofertiliser, can produce hydrolysing enzymes that leads to the solubilisation of bound potassium and phosphates. The yellow colouration seen on the special, blue coloured agar plates indicates where potassium silicate is made available plant available. Equally the clear halo around the SOLUPHOSTM bacteria on these calcium phosphate enriched agar plates indicates the solubilisation of bound phosphate to plant available phosphates.